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Thank you for being so interested in joining MigRun as an Expert

We hope it will be a win-win service for you and our professional community of experts and immigrants we are building 🙂

👩👩‍💻👨‍💻 We will recommend you as an Expert in your field (Immigration consultant, lawyer, tax advisor, accountant, etc.), to our clients who want to move from their countries and ask for any services related to the immigration field. We have detailed immigration guides available. You can provide any recommendations or quotes, and we would be happy to add you as a co-creator or mention you in those guides and articles as an expert. After adding your profile to our platform, we will add you to the community of immigration experts for your country.

We will provide you with a full onboarding letter, but for now, there are a few things you should know before starting:

  • Feel free to fill out this form in the language you are most comfortable with for receiving consultations. You will be able to add another language later: English, Español, Русский, Português, Українська, हिन्दी, Français, Deutsch.
  • 👉 You can set your services and prices, but your prices shouldn’t be overpriced.
  • 👉 You can withdraw money from your account every two weeks if you have more than $100.
  • 👉 We earn a 10% commission for each consultation starting the 6th one. You will have a full price for the first 5 consultations you provide through our platform.
  • 👉 We earn a 15% commission for each service you will provide through the platform. Also, we add our platform commission up to your price and regulate it to manage the number of clients
  • 👉 You can also offer and provide any services outside of the immigration field, but you can only provide those you post on the platform.
  • 👉 90% of your consultations should be devoted to helpful content, not offering services.
  • 👉 Our goal is to help immigrants, not to sell services as much as possible.
  • 👉 We will be thrilled if you recommend some other experts from other countries or tax advisors from your. Also, we’re looking for post-immigration service providers.
  • Please fill out our form, and we will generate your profile. After that, we will send instructions on how to connect your calendar with our platform.
📮 If you have any questions — don’t hesitate to ask Vlad at [email protected].