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Portugal 🇵🇹

D2: Residence permit for business and work

for compliance with laws and cases 🇵🇹
500 €
на аренду квартиры и NIF
D2 up to 60 days
but overall 150-200 days
We will select an expert and a lawyer for your case and situation
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Make decision
To make a decision
You are ready to set up a company or become an individual entrepreneur in Portugal and you have 8,500 euros to deposit in a Portuguese bank, you can get a D2

Next steps

Police clearance certificate
NIF number
The Portuguese tax number (NIF) is needed everywhere: to open a bank account or rent long-term accommodation. And you can quickly do it online or for free if you have friends in Portugal.
Bank account
You need an account in a Portuguese bank to show a deposit with enough savings to live on. Officially it is 8,5K euros; in practice, it is better to show 12-16K euros.
Open a company
Annual rent contract
You can find an apartment yourself, use online services or ask an agent from our platform.
Motivation letter
Essay to page. Describe why you chose Portugal, and show your income stability, reliability, and plans in Portugal.
Medical insurance
Insurance for 120 days from planned arrival in Portugal for a payout of €30.000+
Registration at the consulate
Contracts confirmation