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Portugal πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Ή

D3: for highly qualified professionals

for compliance with laws and cases πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Ή
NIF, apostilles, notaries
1-3 months
preparation and obtaining
We will select an expert and a lawyer for your case and situation
Forms, references, letters, contracts
Chat on Portugal β†’
Ask any question you have about immigrating to Portugal or share your experiences

Do it now

Make decision
To check if I meet the D3 criteria
You have a graduate degree or 5+ years of work experience and you can prove it with contracts and/or a diploma. You have a one-year contract with a Portuguese company.

Next steps

Contract and company invitation
You have to find a Portuguese company that signs a year contract with you as with a private entrepreneur or an individual employee with a minimal salary of €1800 per month (minus ~€650 for taxes).
Proof of qualification
Graduate degree, certificates from courses, professional or executive education. Not necessary if you have 5+ years of experience (but preferred)
Proof of Experience
Applicable if you do not have a degree for your position in the company. Contracts from clients or employers, references, resumes for the last five years, etc.
Annual accommodation contract
You can get it remotely with online services or find an apartment with a realtor.
Application to SEF or Consulate
You can first apply at the consulate in your country for a D3 visa. Or you can come to Portugal and immediately apply for a residence permit. Then you will get the card in ~ 1-2 months.